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With our staff operating in the Maritime sector since 2011,

ARC SLS can find solutions to all of your maritime and offshore security requirements.

Maritime insecurity in the Gulf of Guinea has long been a serious issue and is costing the Nigerian economy and the maritime sector billions of dollars annually. ARC SLS understand the seriousness of the issue and aim to supply cost effective, tailored and professional solutions to this problem.


A range of security vessels can be provided to support our clients tasks. These vessels are fully inspected by our qualified vessel managers and external inspectors to ensure they meet stringent requirements. ARC SLS has access to one of the largest and most comprehensive vessel databases in Nigeria to ensure we have the correct vessel to support any project.


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In conjunction with the military 

and authorities, ARC SLS can arrange and manage the deployment of embarked security teams in multiple locations across Nigeria. Legally mobilised, and with the support of the military, these teams provide at-point source of security to vessels or projects in Nigerian waters.

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From training crews on search techniques, to the management of stowaways if found, and the process of legal disembarkation, ARC SLS has assisted multiple clients with their comprehensive stowaway services.

Our unrivalled network and relationships, which extend across numerous sectors in Nigeria, allow us to offer comprehensive support and is key to ensuring we can meet any challenges we are faced with. 

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